Week 25 💜❤️💜🌸

Holy cow. 25 weeks. What a journey. I couldn't be happier or more grateful. My girlfriends were chatting about my shower this week and I just kept giggling that baby girl is getting a shower to celebrate her! 🤰🏻 I love her so much and can't wait for her to arrive!  

This week was super busy. I had back to back jobs Monday, flew to California to shoot with Rags to Raches Tuesday to Thursday, got back in town had another long commercial shoot, then Friday had one job, had lunch with my mama, sister, and baby nieces. So nice to hang with them!  

That night I was still recovering from California so we spent the night at home and watched the jazz game! Yay Jazz!  

Saturday I was asked to speak at the What Women Wants Show about my journey and trials and successes. Preparing for that was so crazy. I was sad but happy in the end seeing where I ended up. The past 4 years have been a bit grueling and all I can say is I am so happy I have found myself again. That night I went and watched a pageant with my best friend and mom, and had a girls night out! I'm pretty exhausted this week and ready to sleep a lot!  

baby size: papaya 

weight gain: 124 lbs 🤰🏻- didn't gain any this week 

belly size : 35 inches at night time when I feel like she has stretched out 

Sleep: not good 😳 ha. Starting the going to the bathroom 3 times a night, can't sleep on certain sides of my body. It's been a joy ha, but honestly it's all worth it, so I'll take it. 

Cravings: water, watermelon, ice cream, pasta from Sicilia Mia 

Feeling: tired, rib pain, and ecstatic that she is growing. She moves all the time and it can drive me nuts but I also know my anxious self is happy I know she is moving 

Gender: 💕🎀🌸💕🎀🌸 baby girl 

peak moment: husband got me some flowers when I returned home with the sweetest note and it honestly made my world. I love him so much, and how much he loves little girl. I love laying in bed and him being able to just feel her move around.