Week 15 💕 gender reveal

This week was amazing! I was in New York for a few days still and it was so fun, I was pretty tired, but baby girl (yes girl!) was pretty dang good to me, except for sleeping but we'll get to that!  

I got home on Valentines and it was pretty late so we went home and crashed and decided to celebrate the next day! We celebrated by going to Fetal Fotos and doing our ultrasound to find out the gender for our party Saturday! I was so excited, and baby was SO wiggly the whole time! I loved watching her move and push us and we realized she is just a mini me! 🎀 I'll take it! Every time we would put the ultrasound want near her she would push it away or take it away and her tiny little legs were so long! At the beginning of the appointment she even waved at us which melted my heart of course! (I'm pretending like she meant to) it was so hard to not look at the paper that night but we were so excited to do a big reveal of all of our friends and family so we know it's worth it to wait! After ultrasound we went to a lovely Valentines dinner and got to spend some one on one time together!  

Overall it was a pretty busy week but I think staying so busy help everything to go by faster! We had bunco Thursday and I gave the gender card to my best friend meg. I told her not to open til she left, I knew I couldn't look at her! Friday I got the rest of the things bought for the party and got to hang out with my cute friend Abbie who graciously made us the Stork pinata. It was amazing. I can't even tell you how much I loved it!  

Woke up early Saturday, got my makeup done, picked up the final party supplies and food, and headed back to get ready. I still thought boy at this point but I had dreamed a few times that it was a girl so I had no idea!  I didn't sleep super well probably cause of nerves, and I woke up and wanted to find her heartbeat with it being a big day, and I spent about 20 minutes and couldnt find it. Needless to say I was a little worried. I spent another 10 minutes and finally found it. It was more faint than I'd like but regardless there. Side note, found It that night loud and strong, she just was hiding from me! 😂 so I guess she'll have a bit of Trent's prankster in her. 

That day we were so lucky to have friends and family join us to find out what our little love was going to be and I found myself almost in tears all day. I had friends who had major things going on in their lives, take time out of their day to come and join us and it made my heart beam. I think one of my favorite parts of being pregnant is being able to share it with the ones I love. So to all of you, thank you, our hearts are full and we are so beyond grateful for your love and support of baby girl! 

For the party the amazing Waffle Luv catered waffles, strawberry and blueberry of course to stay in theme with our gender party. They were amazing and so so beyond kind and easy to work with. The waffles were delicious and everyone was so excited to have the best tasty treat to eat! Can't thank you enough for coming out and being a part of our reveal!  

Sweet Tooth Fairy, Megan, went above and beyond with her skill and kindness. We had the BEST cookies, cupcakes, cake and of course their famous cake bites to share, and it was so amazing and so delicious. Thank you for providing such amazing treats and helping our party come together and be amazing!  

Once the reveal came I was so nervous. I imagined this little boy going to sports, tracking mud in my house, and breaking everything I own. 😜 then we saw pink! Inside I was just shocked! I didn't think it was a girl, I got my baby girl. My little mini me, who I hope comes out with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. I love her so much already and feel like I have a much greater bond with being pregnant than ever before. I can't wait to watch her grow, become independent, and be just like her mama. So grateful for Bri Robbins, who whipped up a video for us in literally 10 minutes and it is incredible. I tear up each time I watch it. She truly has the best gift and is the such an amazing friend. Same to Tracy Layne, thank you for taking time where you could have just sat back, and capturing our party. I am so happy I'll have these pictures forever. 

If you are still reading, this has been a long one! I wanted to be sure to document this week and my feelings for sweet baby girl.  

baby size: avocado  🥑 

weight gain: still at at 110 but eating so much better and drinking protein shakes 

Sleep: not great ha. New York I slept no more then 3 hours before I was up and couldn't get comfy. When I was home and had my pillow it was better but still waking up at about 5 or 6 am with a hard time going back to sleep. Naps are going to be my friend. 

cravings: apples, pasta, water and nothing new or anything really. 

feeling : pretty good. Got tired in New York from going going, but overall really good. When I got home I had a few rough nights but no nauseousneas really and was able to stomach a lot of food. Baby did hate to fly though. My back killed the whole time. 

Gender: 💕🎀🌸💕🎀🌸 baby girl! We love our little lady Lowe 

Peak moment: having so many people do such amazing favors for me this week in helping with the party. I truly am so lucky with the family and friends I have. Also, having everyone show up, and support us. Nothing felt better. I will never forget the party and time spent with our loved ones.