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Kristin Davis | Fashion Blog

I'm lucky to have clients who I get to shoot for regularly that are also good friends! Kristen is one of those girls. We took a day and went and shot in Big Cottonwood canyon for her blog Wild One Forever

We were lucky to have beautiful wind, which really accented Kristen's hair and makeup! I loved all of the outfits that she put together, and it was so fun to have a relaxes shoot in the pretty snow!

Hope you guys are enjoying your week!

xoxo Emmy

Tessa, Natalie & Halle | Snowy Mountain Shoot

Ok, can we all agree this snow is beautiful but just so cold? Can't wait for sunny days, but in the meantime, I'm loving this incredible backdrop that is snowy Utah mountains. 

All of my favorite girls were a part of this shoot, and I am so happy with the outcome! Tessa and Nattalie are always such a dream to photograph, but this time Nattalie brought her daughter along! Her stunning red hair and bright eyes were so beautiful against the white of the snow!

Models | Tessa Barton, Nattalie Dawn, & Nattalie's daughhter- Halle

Makeup | Jill Marie

Hair | Tatum Wetzel

Styling | Ashley Reiser

Tessa Barton | Salt Lake Fashion

This was a fun little collab with creative lady, Tessa Barton. I love shooting with her, she has  such a fun, wild-child side that photographs like a dream. For this shoot, she brought along her husband (yeah, they're a real life couple) for a few of the photos. 

We explored around Salt Lake City for a couple of perfect spots that complimented the outfits that she styled for the shoot. 

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Batwoman | Mom & Daughter Costume

Oh little Honor is such a gem. She made the cuuutest like sidekick to batwoman mom, Destiny. We decided to do this one in my studio, and I love how it turned out! I loved being able to play with the shadows to create a different feel for this shoot! Getting SO excited that Halloween is just around the corner!!!

Hair | Tatum Wetzel @tatumraewetzel

MUA | Jill Marie MUA @jillmariemua

Styling | Ashley Mann @ashleylaurenreiser

Model | Destiny of  Momcrushmonday @momcrushmonday

Fawn Design | Commercial Shoot

If you've ever seen me anywhere, you know I'm addicted to my Fawn Design bag. It fits everything from my Pepsi, to snacks, to more snacks, and when traveling, sometimes my camera. It is such a fun part of this business to work with companies who you really love and believe in, and Fawn is such a good example of that. Jenny (the boss lady who owns Fawn) is so down to Earth, humble, with such an appreciation for hard work. She just released a line of new color choices for her bags! The pink & grey are my favs, but that's just me! 

p.s. shooting a wedding in Selma, Alabama today! Check in at @emmylowephoto on Instagram to see a little sneak!

Wardrobe | Piper & Scoot 

Jewelry | Admiral Saint 

Models | Olivia Beth & Eden Lee 

Makeup | Tia Montgomery 

Edward Scissorhands | Halloween Shoot

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. -Edward Scissorhands

We have been sooo excited for this one! Our sweet Haley made the perfect Edward (in the best way!)  I can't thank this amazing team enough for consistently blowing my mind with the styling that they've brought to life. Keep scrolling to see some suburban, lonely Edward magic.

Hair | Tatum Wetzel @tatumraewetzel

MUA | Jill Marie MUA @jillmariemua

Styling | Ashley Mann @ashleylaurenreiser

Model | Haley Nord @haleynord

Invaded by Aliens | Halloween Series

Soooo, if you follow me on Instagram, (or any of the amazing ladies tagged below, if you don't, then do) then you would have seen the latest in our Halloween series. So Kristin Davis is always a babe but LOOK AT HER. Who knew she would make such an amazing alien. Everyone has been working SO hard on these shoots and I'm just so happy with how they've been coming together. We have more fun ones coming for you butttttt, keep scrolling to see the most perfect pink alien to ever invade our studio!!

Hair | Tatum Wetzel @tatumraewetzel

MUA | Jill Marie MUA @jillmariemua

Styling | Ashley Mann @ashleylaurenreiser

Model | Kristin Davis @kristinrosedavis