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JONES FAMILY | Great Salt Lake

not working a ton lately but this family sessions gives me all the feels!!! Email me for info for this fall or winter! Β 

Tanya and Rodney | Utah Mountain Family Photos

Where to even start with this family? Their little man is the cutest, but that's not surprising, look at mom and dad! Tanya is already super gorgeous, but Jill knew just how to make her features pop. If you're debating hiring a makeup artist for photos, I say do it! Makeup photographs differently than it looks in person, and a good artist (like Jill!) will know exactly how to get you camera ready.

We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and played in this pretty, open meadow. Keep scrolling for more pictures of this stylish and sweet little family!

Family love | Big Cottonwood Family Session

Happy November! Time for snuggles with baby Jack, comfy sweaters and hopefully a little bit of down time (heeyy cruise, looking at you!!). 

To celebrate, here is a sweet and cozy family session. This gorgeous lady is also the bosslady behind Made by Mary, and on any given occasion you'll see me wearing one (ok, at least three) of her necklaces. Behind the scenes, she's a momma to two littles and wife to her handsome husband. It was so fun to spend some time with them in the mountains, just focused on their love!!


For the Love Fall Retreat

This is one of those posts where I honestly feel too much, and end up totally over sharing so bear with me. After teaching for 5 years in the education field, I knew that teaching would always be a part of my life. From the first workshop that I taught, I felt the magic click. This was my calling- where I was meant to be.. I knew how lonely it could be in the beginning, and I also knew without a doubt it didn't have to be that way for others.  

When we started to plan the first retreat it was so important to me that every detail fit into place. I think that the setting for learning really lends to how well you are able to learn. I wanted the attendees to feel welcome, appreciated and valued.  Without these incredible ladies that opened up their hearts, I wouldn't even have had this opportunity. Yes, this retreat was about learning, but it was also about taking a step away from the everyday and really, I mean reallllly, digging into why we do what we do. I wanted the environment to really let everyone open up and create. From the opening dinner, catered by Food Made By Tom, to the final night of chatting and reviewing images from the week, it was the perfect chance to begin and end in a safe and inviting environment. 

 So what is For the Love about? It's about finding you. In the beginning of the photography journey, it's so easy to fall into the trap of idolizing another photographer, from their editing style to how they speak. This so often leads to comparing, which I think only leads to disappointment. Real, meaningful work comes from the heart, from doing things for the love of them. Self-discovery and appreciation is key. A lot of time was  spent asking "why do I do this?", me oversharing on my life and experience, and then talking through how we can get to the point where we're creating the work we KNOW we can. One of my favorite parts of this retreat was that these women walked away with close relationships, and people who would continue to cheer them on in their business. These photographers found their voice, and found a network of people to inspire and encourage them.   

 I still have a handful of spots left for the For the Love spring retreat (April 22nd-24th in Utah) and if a little self-love and a push towards authentic creativity is what you need, I would LOVE to have you take this step in your business with me. If you took the time to read this, that tells me that you're ready to invest in yourself and your business.  Know that the opportunity is rewarding and worth it (and full of treats and late nights and incredible photo shoots). If you have any questions at all, please send me an email. I would love to take some time to talk to you about any questions about the upcoming retreat. Feel free to send me and email at forthelove@emmylowe.com.

Just to wrap, below is a gallery of all the shoots we did and an amazing video that Janae Godfrey put together! It was so important to me to give the attendees variety in their portfolio.We will be mixing up what shoots we do for the next retreat, I can't wait to show you what we put together! Huge thank you to Jill (makeup), Tatum (hair), Ashley (styling), Jess (design work), Rachel (florals), Haley (teaching assistant) and Jade (coordinator/assistant) for all your work and being there for me though all the crazy nights. You all are quite the amazing group of women and I am honored to call you my friends! I couldn't have done this without you.  I think I've thanked them at least 500 times at the retreat and here's one more thank you for all of you. My rocks, seriously. 

Also the biggest thanks to our sponsors listed below! Click their names to get a little peak into what it is that each of them do. 

Fawn Design, Made by MaryYosi Samra, Bloke, Chatbooks, JLM Couture, Jolleys Gift and Floral, Humble Hilo, Acme Camera, Pizza Studio, Cafe Rio.

Models: Tayler Davis, Jamie Crandall, Nicolette + Colby Fratto, Jade Larsen, Kelly Packer, Michelle + Kyle White, Destiny Green, Sadie Jane

Pup & Love | Jill & Joey

Oh Jill. I just love her so so much. You might know her from the killer makeup work that she does for my clients and collaborative shoots, but she's also a stunner in front of the camera herself! We did this fun little shoot with her husband Joey and their dog child, Charlie. Who is obviously the cutest pup ever (second to my baby Jack, duhh). 

Jill's hair and makeup were done by the lovely Vivian Johnson from Vivian Makeup Artist. She is seriously so fabulous, make sure to check out her work as well! 

You can check out her makeup work here and here

Karly & Steven Engagements

A little sun filled love on the blog for you today! So excited to photograph these two tying the knot this Saturday!! They've been in love for years and I am so excited for them to get married! We went up into the mountains and walked through the beautiful Albion Basin. It's one of my favorite spots in Utah, and it's SO gorgeous this time of year!! 

Their beautiful fall formals will be on the blog Saturday to celebrate their wedding day!