Poison Ivy {Utah Fashion/Blogger Photographer}

The lovely Jackie from Little J Style and I shoot a couple times a month and when she asked me to do the photos for her inspiration shoot of Poison Ivy I was so excited! Jackie is not only stunning but has this amazing hair from Aubrey Nelson, below, and she just rocks it! I loved this whole set!

The lovely Vivian did the makeup for the shoot and she has a tutorial on how to get this look for Halloween on her website at this link! She is so outstanding and has the greatest touch and I am always at awe while she is doing makeup! 

The lovely Aubrey Nelson did the hair color and has done it for a while for Jackie, and she also did the styling. She had this amazing hairspray that I am still dreaming of! So yummy and had a shimmer to it also! If you need a good color or just an amazing hair stylist, she is your girl!

I have to admit photography can be really grueling and tiring but these past few weeks I have had AMAZING shoots and I couldn't be more grateful to other people who have trusted me and allowed me to work with them! It is a dream job and I couldn't be happier! Hope you love these and have a spooky Halloween week!