How to help our children from bullying

When I saw Carissa's story, my heart broke. I couldn't imagine the pain a little girl felt from being bullied about her Eczema, something she couldn't prevent nor did she do anything to get it. From bullying about acne, skin deformations, or any deformation for that matter, our kids feel pain that they truly don't know how to navigate quite often.


When I had Rooney all I could think was I want to raise you to be a kind young woman and I want you to feel the love and give love to others around you. In a world where it is so hard to live up to expectations the biggest thing I hope to teach my children is kinds and to have a soft approach to others who might be different from them. 

AVENE is teaming up to raise awareness about Eczema and showing through Carissa's story. I love the result they found for Carissa and how they are able to help her and give her the support and love we want to show as examples around us. Head over to AVENE to see the full story!


I hope that as we raise the future generations we can focus on teaching them kindness and love to others around us. 

So right now what Avene is doing in an effort to help girls like Carissa, Avène is donating 100% of proceeds* from the “Kindness is Power” tote bag & kits to the Kind Campaign.

The kits are inspired by Carissa’s regimen of soothing essentials that helps her manage her eczema. The Kind Campaign’s mission is to bring awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying. To learn more about anti-bullying efforts, visit

The kit comes with their amazing Xera Calm Cream, Spring Water that is soft on your face, and a cleanser. This is great for anyone dealing with sensitive skin or eczema. It's also a great way to give back to an amazing campaign while getting an amazing product as well!