Hospital Bag- Little Rooney Lowe

I had this all ready to go and then I went into labor 2 weeks early! Glad I had my bags packed and had done a lot of searching around for what to bring! Now I can tell you what I actually used an didn't! 

Keep in mind we spent a week in the hospital so we had more then normal. I will try to separate what additional items we brought.

In this shot above I have our Boppy and our diaper bag from Fawn Design. 

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: I love this bag. The only thing I would say to get in addition is some dividers for the inside to easily find items, but I bought one from a QVC line, and can't find the name now, but it has made a huge difference. They price around $160 but I will tell you they hold up, they are durable, rain proof, and they carry a lot of stuff. Before I got pregnant I used it for my travel bag a lot. I brought it to Ireland and Spain in April and it was perfect. It has messenger straps and it has a backpack strap. 

BoppyNow I am not sure about this yet. I brought it thinking it would help but I felt way more comfortable just holding her in my arms. Granted she is 5 pounds so the older she gets I might like it more but for now I am kinda eh on it. 

Her bunny is the stuffed animal we are using as her growth measurer and also as her best friend and sleep friend! :) This bunny is from Jelly Cat and they are so darling. 

It's funny how you think you have it all worked out then your baby is born and you realize you will be in the hospital for a week, and it's not really the way you thought it was going to go! 

In this top photo this is all that we brought for baby girl, well and more, but a glance at least. 

Binkie:  We are using the nature sutten binkie. It has been so good, she does prefer one of the nippled types over the other so I can't use the round nipples but I am not sure if that is cause she started on one, or just likes the other cause it's easier to fit in her mouth! 

So some of this stuff I didn't use as much realistically. 

We chose to wait to bathe her until day 5 because I wanted the vernix to really sink into her skin, but she had an IV in her head so they took it out and her hair needed to be washed. So we are using the Tubby Todd soap and lotion, which is organic and her skin has done great with. We are also using the dream cream, and I used it a tiny bit on her face and legs where she got a rash and it was gone a day later. I love love how gentle it is and helpful it has been

She currently only really fits into her Loved Baby onesies that are the preemie size cause she is so tiny, so I am glad I had those. but I also had bigger onesies in case she was huge ha. 

We've worn tons of kimonos as well from Gerber, they fit her best right now as well. I do have another band Luvable that I got on Amazon but they are a tiny to big on her. 

We love our Top Knots turbans so much. It is just her thing :) She loves wearing them! Okay really, she looks so cute in them so we are rolling with it. She had an IV in her head for the first couple days of life so I had her in a turban a lot to help hide it. I knew people would freak out if they saw it, so it was a nice cover up! :) 

We also brought her Dock a Tot. She loved lounging in it, and I really loved having it at the hospital so that I didn't feel like I was always having to have her in my hands (which I did anyways for the most part ha), but it was nice for breaks for us. 

We brought tons of swaddles which was perfect because for the most part she lived in the swaddles and naked for the first week. We love our Copper Pearl, KB Cute Designs, and Mebie baby swaddles so much! They were so nice to have and different textures to see what worked best for her. 

We love love the brush we got for her hair! It is by Haakaa USA brush. We love love it. it's so soft and she loves to have her hair brushed! 

Now for the things I brought for me! Lets start with the the headphones. I brought these to labor with to help me stay focused. Well I had a baby within 5 hours of my water breaking so they weren't needed. But I think if you are going unmedicated it would be a great idea. 

My Promptly Journal to update things from her birth, which we totally ddid because we have so much time and I am so glad we did so we don't forget all those feelings. It's a journal that follows them til they are 18 years old. It has been a favorite of mine during my pregnancy to use. 

My robe is from a friend of mine Karim, she is the best and got this for me in Mexico. I brought 3 robes and used them all. I loved having them for feeding. 

Dwell and Slumber dresses were some of my favorites to have and wear while we were in the hospital. I wore one the night my milk came in and it totally made it so I couldn't wear it again but now that I am home and it's washed it's amazing. 

Tubby Todd Niple Salve, was a major favorite. It helped my nipples adapt the first few days and she didn't mind it at all. I will totally use that again

Frida Mom Cleaner was amazing as well! It kept me feeling refreshed  :) I won't go into detail! 

I got lots of questions about my bra I wore during labor and it was from Free People. I really liked it and it was the perfect amount of coverage but still let me not feel super hot with layers. 

The breast pads I got from amazon, and they are HEAVEN! They block my milk from leaking all over my clothes and my nursing bras. I am obsessed with them and already bought an extra pack. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask, but this gives you the gist of everything I brought. We of course had more but this is at least an idea! We did bring our own pillows which made a huge difference, so keep that in mind!