For the Love Workshop Round 1, 2015 [Utah Photography Workshop]

To say that teaching my first workshop was nerve wrecking would be a little bit of an understatement but after teaching high school Math for 5 years and having a Masters degree in Education I felt like it was such a good fit. Walking away from that day I felt a bit of exhaustion and overwhelmed with gratefulness for the people who worked with me on the project. I feel pretty damn good that I have such a great people in my life who have been on this journey with me and helped push me to new levels.

Our team was as follows:

Florals/styling: Rachel Osguthorpe from Jolley's floral

Makeup: Jill Marie Makeup

Hair: Hair with Sunny Rushton

Models: Kelly Packer, Michelle White

Wedding dress: Nearly Newlywed

I also wanted to thank the women who attended and tell them how appreciate I am about them investing in me and allowing me to spill my heart and soul of photography to them! 

For the Love workshops go over many marketing subjects:

  • How to build a brand
  • Logo/Packaging
  • Styling sets
  • How to collaborate with others 
  • How to represent yourself on social media
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • getting models
  • Much more and having a great time meeting new friends 

I hope to see you at the next workshop on March 28th with the best team ever and Michelle and her husband Kyle as models as well as Nattalie Dawn the amazing model.