Emmy Lowe Photo Workshop seat giveaway

I first wanted to thank ever single person who entered. I read and re-read your posts and took a lot of time making sure we picked the right winner. I can't even thank you enough for your kind words and I have to say I loved seeing how invested so many of you are!  

I wanted to give some back story before I announce though. I started my business with a Canon T-3i, a 1.8 50 mm lens and Photoshop Elements. I was practicing on neighbors, my dog, and asking everyone questions that would answer. I googled so much, bought books, and honestly did so much research and still do. My husband really had a hard time at first in letting me spend a bunch of money on my gear and what not because we were in lawschool and we just weren't sure where things were going with this whole photography thing. When I booked a few weddings, I found a killer deal on a Canon 6D and then convinced husband to go with it, and got a little help from family. This was kinda the start of me realizing I needed to make this happen. I then needed a lens, and after I spent a few grand on my camera you can imagine how husband felt about me spending another few grand on a lens, but I saved and we did it. I have to tell you it was the best investment I ever made. I worked really hard to earn enough for those few things and it's made me pretty dang grateful for it! Here's the truth, I don't own a ton of gear. I own enough. But a lot of it I rent from Acme Camera Rental. 

I say all of this because I saw a lot of you write I can't afford it or we are in school, and TRUST ME I get it, but I wanted to challenge you to invest! Not necessarily in me, although I'd love to have all of you, but just invest in your business. Get mentoring, do workshops, and really work for the things you want and make it an investment! This business has really required us to take a lot of risk, and you know what? Every damn risk was so worth it. I am now able to be a full time photographer and get to do what I love every single day. I have very strong moments of feeling success and also feeling defeat with this job. FIND YOU! Be inspired by others and then inspire yourself. 

My workshop will focus on a huge part of finding who you are and ways to do that, as well as marketing, branding and help to take that next step! 

Thank you again for reading and being a part of my journey. I love my job, my work, and most importantly my clients and I can only hope you will feel this way one day as well!  

With that said.... I had to pick two winnerS! CONGRATS  @shelby.hickenlooper and @jill_witt !!!! Email me at emmylowephoto@gmail.com 💕

It was so hard to pick! I loved what everyone had to say and therefore I will be offering $50 off the workshop to anyone who entered just email me!