Danzi & Mark Wedding | Lindon, Utah

This wedding was a beautiful one, full of lots of special moments. Danzi spent the afternoon getting ready, surrounded with her close friends and mom. One of my favorite parts of this day, was that both Danzi and her mom did not see the decorated reception until after the ceremony. After Danzi and Mark were wed, Danzi and her mom were led into the reception area to see how beautiful it was! So special for the two of them to be able to share that. 

After Danzi's dance with her dad, it was Mark and his mom's turn. To the surprise of everyone (including Danzi) Mark and his mom busted it out in all sorts of dance moves to a mashup of hilarious songs. Yep, it even included gangnam style. The laugh on Danzi's face is priceless. 

These two had such a perfect wedding day, filled with TONS of laughs and fun. 

xoxo Emmy