I am shooting this wedding this weekend and I can't wait!!! These two lovely people are related to one of my very best friends, and I was so honored that they asked me to photograph their big day! There is something to be said about working with my close friends families people who have watched me develop in this industry and knowing that I am able to work with their amazing families gives me so much happiness. Β 

I spoke this weekend at a conference I was able to share my story and I've spent a lot of time reflecting on the past few years and how crazy they been but I also I'm so grateful for where I've been led to now. I truly have the most magical job out there and I'm so grateful for it. Β 

So if you're reading this thank you thank you for supporting me,  thank you for being a part of my journey, and I hope to one day get to meet you all!!! Β 

Katie + Jordan

A little flash back to last summer! I can't wait to shoot some lovely couples this summer! It's as if I have felt love in the air and I just feel like I'm so ready to have these amazing couples and see their love grow. 

I found this quote and it literally made me so happy to think about, for those people out there needing hope and needing some encouragement! Β 

Don't give up now, chances are your best kiss, hardest laugh, and your greatest day are still yet to come. - Atticus


If you are interested in booking a shoot email me at emmylowephoto@gmail.com! Β 

Tiana + Jimmy | Engagements

I have the best brides ever and Tiana was so fun to work with! Jimmy and Tiana came to me through a friend of mine and I was so happy that I was able to be a part of their wedding!

We decided to shoot at this greenhouse then another favorite spot of mine, and the vibe was perfect. 

Hope you love them!



Sara + TJ | Sand Dune Engagements

these might have been my favorite of the year. I had never met these two but when we did it was like I was meant to be the person photographing this. I felt like their love spoke to me and I really just got them. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did xoxo


My angel, my all, my very self - Only a few words today and at that with pencil (with yours) - Not till tomorrow will my lodgings be definitely determined upon - what a useless waste of time - Why this deep sorrow when necessity speaks - can our love endure except through sacrifices, through not demanding everything from one another; can you change the fact that you are not wholly mine, I not wholly thine - Oh God, look out into the beauties of nature and comfort your heart with that which must be - Love demands everything and that very justly - thus it is to me with you, and to your with me. But you forget so easily that I must live for me and for you; if we were wholly united you would feel the pain of it as little as I - My journey was a fearful one; I did not reach here until 4 o'clock yesterday morning. Lacking horses the post-coach chose another route, but what an awful one; at the stage before the last I was warned not to travel at night; I was made fearful of a forest, but that only made me the more eager - and I was wrong. The coach must needs break down on the wretched road, a bottomless mud road. Without such postilions as I had with me I should have remained stuck in the road. Esterhazy, traveling the usual road here, had the same fate with eight horses that I had with four - Yet I got some pleasure out of it, as I always do when I successfully overcome difficulties - Now a quick change to things internal from things external. We shall surely see each other soon; moreover, today I cannot share with you the thoughts I have had during these last few days touching my own life - If our hearts were always close together, I would have none of these. My heart is full of so many things to say to you - ah - there are moments when I feel that speech amounts to nothing at all - Cheer up - remain my true, my only treasure, my all as I am yours. The gods must send us the rest, what for us must and shall be - 

Your faithful LUDWIG. - Love letter written by Beethoven

Jacqueline + Sam | Mountain Engagements

Sometimes you meet clients and you just click. When me and Jacqueline met last year I swear we just clicked. I was running late and they were in town for just a couple days and I was so excited to meet them! Well as you can tell it all went well and these two love birds are tying the knot here in Utah! They are in from DC and having their destination wedding at Blue Sky in Sundance area. It's going to be unreal and I can't wait to show you! 

The day that we shot the engagements, we had rain coming down, but we had one day of them in town so we made it work! And it was perfect. It was romantic, soft, and everything I could have hoped.  

stylist | Ashley Reiser 

makeup | Jill Marie Makeup 

hair | Tatum Wetzel