Baby Registry List!

I am so excited to share all my favorite baby items I have found over the past 9 months! 

I will start with saying I was minority obsessed with Mint Arrow, Corrine's baby registry list, for the past 7 years or whenever she posted it! When we started working together I was so excited because I knew all about her amazing list hah and I thought she was just the coolest because of it! She really is the best PS. 

Pre Baby:

Dresses: this has been a huge huge thing I have been asked about during my pregnancy! I have only worn dresses and I can't do pants they hurt my belly so bad. When I was smaller I was doing the Target Maternity leggings but even those started to rub. Great news is, I am actually in the process of starting a company for Body con type maternity dresses, those will be coming soon!! No bunching on it, just cute modern chic dresses for you to wear all 9 months! I did love Forever 21, Asos, H&M, a few Amazon dresses though! I am launching a new company pretty soon for this reason specifically and will keep you all updated on August Co Clothing! 

Dwell and Slumber was one of my favorite local brands, and they are so good for after baby as well for nursing I hear! so those are for sure going in my hospital bag! 

Stretch Mark Cream: I used the Belly Butter from Burts Bees for my belly. I have loved loved it. It's not to thick and it goes on smooth. I always buy it from Amazon here. 

Body Pillow: Leacho Snuggle Body Pillow, this was the travel one , then this is the one I use daily. It has helped so much with my sleep. I really love it, but I will say the bigger I get, the less it has really helped but I am still using it every night.

For the Hospital: 

Dwell and Slumber once again I am so excited to have these there for comfort and ease with nursing!

Robe: I just bought one from Target, and then my cute friend Karim gifted me a silk one from Mexico, so I'm just going for open and comfy. 

Birthing clothes: I plan on birthing in a bralette and maybe having the hospital gown. I am not sure quite yet on that. I think it also depends on how I feel when I get there. I bought this one from Free People. 

I brought a long iPhone cord, snacks for the husband, snacks for my doula, photographer/videographer, and nurses. I don't do slippers but I have heard a ton of people say to bring slippers. 

My Promptly Journal to write in during relaxation time during labor, I have found that writing memories of her really helps mellow me out. 

Sound proof headphones to help drown out sound when I am laboring so I can focus on her and the techniques I have learned. I also will use it for my tracks during labor when I need me time. I like to use the JLM brand. 

nursing pads: I got these from a recommendation from my friend at Fin and Vince, and I am so excited about them. They are thick and don't seem to feel scratchy! Here is the link for them 

Frida Baby Washer: I have heard about the after effects of your body, so this little guy I have heard is a gem. It's peri bottle that makes the post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier, getting moms back on their feet faster. It is designed to be held upside down and is portable. Super excited about this to use so I don't have to use a squirt bottle. 

Onesies: I am bringing a few from Loved Baby, H&M, and then some kimono tops from Luvable Friends. Otherwise I have a few Gerber basics but I am not planning to bring those!

For Home:

Dock a TOT: You guys I am obsessed. I want one for me. I don't know why I am so hooked on this. but I feel like with it being so movable it will be perfect for photoshoots so she can have a consistent place to sleep and also for around the house. DockATot® has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. It is perfect for them to feel comfortable and sleep well in it! I am so excited about it. 

Ollie World: This swaddle is made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating. It is custom fit to your baby with the velcro lay overs. You can keep arms wrapped and still change diapers, I feel like that alone is huge! The fabric is so soft and I seriously can't wait to use it at the beginning for good swaddling. 

Binxy Baby!: they hold car seats and supports up to 50 pounds in your cart for while you are shopping and keeping them happy in it! You can also lay baby right in it! It typically is used until they are 6-8 months or until they can sit up. I mean I've never been grocery shopping with a baby 

Frida Supplies: We got the packaged bundle so I will let you know how we like those! I am so excited to have multiple little items to use for her though. I feel like I was panicking in knowing what to do with little bodily functions! 

MamaRoo 4: It's an infant seat that is pure magic I have heard. It's a great soother, place for baby to rest while you shower, and overall just has a really great clean look. 

THE SNOO: This might be my favorite baby item we have. It's a bassinet that moves with a motion that can rock baby back to sleep. it's a swaddle inside of a bassinet so they can't roll at all. Not only that but it is so beautiful as well so esthetically it doesn't clutter your home! 

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail: We heard that this one was the one to go for since it is steel and the smell won't get stuck in the plastic, we also have heard they are pointless? so who knows how we will feel about it. 

Stroller- City Select Double: we plan to have our babies close so we wanted a stroller that would be a double. I love this stroller already and can't wait to use it! 

Nuna Pipa Car seat: I love this carseat. it's so pretty and looks so comfy. I got the recommendation from Mint Arrow as I talked about before, and it definitely is a bit more money, but we hope to use it until it expires on multiple babies. I just wanted to have stuff that I had always dreamt about so I saved my money for splurges like this. 

Como Tomo Bottles: I plan to breastfeed exclusively but know that If I am gone for a few hours I will pump and leave a bottle with the husband for her. So we did the Como Tomo bottles. I am so excited about them, because I have heard such good things! So we'll see. 

Natursutten Binky: I have heard great things once again and that it is more like a nipple. I will report when I try them! 

Swaddles and Crib sheets: 

Favorite company for both of these starts with Copper Pearl. They are a client of mine, so I've seen the quality from the beginning and it's amazing. They have the best prints, beautiful quality, and honestly just ran by amazing people. We have quite a few crib sheets, changing covers, and swaddles from them and I can't wait. They started making bibs and I love those as well, especially for teething babies. They just started making burp cloths, and I honestly need them all. They are so thick and will suck up a lot of spit! ha 

KB Cute Designs: We got some darling darling items from them and I can't wait to use them. They also have great quality and more minimalist fabrics and then some really vibrant florals. I will share more of those when she gets here! 

Clementine Kids: This is a newer brand, but we have some of their swaddles and quilts and they are so cute and vibrant! I love the style they have done keeping it very colorful and fun prints. 

Clothing and Bags

Rylee and Cru: Oh my gosh. Can't even tell you how much I love their product. it's so nice and the pieces are just darling. We got a few for her for when she is little and then a tiny bit older and I can't wait to have her wear them! 

Rags to Raches: they are comfy little rompers and have the most darling prints. I have been working with them for years, and hoarding rompers, so I have some old gems I can't wait to put on her little body! By far one of my favorite baby companies on earth. tHey are amazing you guys.

Briar Handmade Bonnets: delicate little bonnets that are so beautiful and I love them. I have been buying more and more. It's been a problem! :| so stop making such cute ones! Teasing! Keep them coming!  

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: Can't wait to finally use it for my BABY! I have been using them for years but now it has a whole new meaning!!! They sell out like crazy so make sure to watch for when they restock! 


There are a million other things but I will update it as I have little girl and try stuff out. But hopefully that helps some of you out! I know we have had a lot of questions of what stuff we are planning to use! So we will see!!!