Prenatals for Pregnancy!

When I first got pregnant I had already been taking prenatal gummies since I had started trying the previous April. I didn't mind them at all when I wasn't pregnant but then I started having taste bud changes and started to HATE the prenatal gummies. I was so sick my first trimester I remember wondering how I would get them down each day ha. 

When I found out about Forte Elements Prenatals I was so excited to try them out and see if it was easier to get down, and most importantly didn't have the fish smell. The company was started by a primary orthopedic surgeon for the Brigham Young University football team. He had an athlete deal with an injury and slowly started to realize how much money it cost and how many pills you had to take to help build your strength! That's where his vitamins were formed!

I love the vitamins because it covers so many of the different supplements you need but yet is just in 4 pills a day. There are two soft capsules and two pills. There have been tons of reviews of change in hair and skin, which for me I haven't noticed. I have been pretty lucky with good skin my whole pregnancy and with my extensions I have no idea how my real hair is doing ha. 

They also have multiple other supplements and one other one I tried was the anti Nausea. I still use Diclegis at night, but I have been using this during the day because I really have been still feeling nauseous and it has been super helpful! I have noticed a huge decrease in feeling super tired and what not when I would get nauseous. 

Make sure to check them out and of course if you have any questions leave them below! I know how hard it is to find a reputable prenatal that doesn't feel so gross to get down, so I hope you enjoy it! 


For the Love Retreat Video

Hey there friends! So I am sitting here watching this video over and over and tears just flowing down my face. Granted I am a tad emotional today but then seeing this and seeing my dreams come to life, I just feel overwhelmed with happiness. 

I wanted a video that represented me and represented what you get if you attend a retreat. Those things to me are happiness, motivation, feeling of success, and community. The girls that come to the retreats have a special place in my heart because while I am teaching them they are also teaching me. Teaching me to be aware of others in the industry, to help them grow with challenges, to watch them feel success as we are shooting and learning new things and then to take all of that back home and make a kick ass business.

I love this program and love what I do. I hope you can see that through this video, that was made absolutely perfect by Bri and Jan Robbins from Robbins Creative. They are so special to me and really made my dreams come to life. 

Want to sign up for our December retreat in Palm Springs go here! Or email we are offering a special for a short time and have 3 spots left.

Enjoy! xoxox


Megs Birthday {Utah Event Photographer}

My sweet Meg turned 30 and we HAD to throw her the best party in the world. She is so deserving of a good night and so I was so happy we threw her a great night! The cheesecakes I made from a basic cheesecake at Trader Joes and then just garnished them with some details! We hope you love it as much as we did! 

florals: Blooms by Brittney 

Graphic Design: Jess Kasteler Design


Valentines 2014

I want to start keeping track of all the things my cute husband tricks me on! This was by far one of his better! Valentines started with us driving around town with little hints and clues from places that were in our past and history! Thanks to my cute husband for a great Valentines! 


First date was at Sawadee and the waiter had a hard time  saying sesame seeds so we joke about it still to this day. 


He took me to the airport and told me to go in and put my hands in the air, so I followed directions and yet found out that there was nothing there and he was just pulling a prank and had to stall for time! Such a punk! 

We then ended up with a clue that told me to go to the Gateway and he took me to the food court, so romantic! We ate Hot Dog on a Stick and then he swift me off to the Lego Movie. 


After that we stopped to take a picture and I got this last clue! Took me a while to figure out but we ended the night at Benihana! He couldn't get a reservation til late so I got tricked! It was such a great Valentines! I really am so grateful for him. 


What did your love do for you???? 



Special thanks to you, and you, and you!

I am so happy with how trusting everyone has been with me to shoot and capture some of the best times of their lives! With that said I am offering 25% off for the next 2 people to book shoots. That can be anywhere from a $30-75 savings! If you have any questions please leave a comment, or text/email me! *This does not apply to prior shoots booked or in booking stages.


EmmyΒ Meghan Maternity ImagesBW-48


My husband Trent and myself graduated from Chrisitan Brothers University with our Master's in Education on Saturday. We were so happy and couldn't wait to finally be done! Trent took a few pictures of me and I did some of him and they turned out great if I say so myself!


We are moving back to Utah on June 2nd full time for my husband to attend law school at the University of Utah. So proud of him and all that he has done!

Therefore I won't be doing any more shoots in Memphis after the 25th.

BUT I am now accepting shoots for Utah friends. Share this blog post and the website with everyone and anyone!

My prices are updated and online if you have any questions.