MARAE floral

I love love a good project! I have been feeling so burnt out and so I took a few month break on just fun shoots, and now I get to have the best time bringing back some fun ideas!

New York fashion week really inspired me to implement some type of collage. So I went and bought a lot of floral magazines and cut out all of the pieces of flowers that I could find, and then group them all onto a posterboard making a collage! We use that as our backdrop and I thought it turned out so fun and so creative, mostly for me just allowing myself to do something different! I'm so grateful for such a good friend to jump on projects like this with me! It makes it that much more fun! Β 

Florals by Rachel Osguthorupe Β 

model Marae Wright 

makeup by Jill Marie Makeup Β 

Halloween | Skeleton

Halloween is finally almost here! I am so excited to have the scariest holiday come around, and share our skeleton we did this year! We did a different take this year on our skeleton and did a bronze look for our skeleton. This is one of my favorite things to do, just being so different from our usual shoots, and helps me step out of the box a little bit! 

hope you enjoy it and happy Halloween! 

MUA: Jill Marie Makeup 

Hair: Tatum Wetzel

Extensions: Bohyme

Dress: Dress Collective

Model: Alexxis Ramos

Styling: Ashley Reiser 

Happily Grey | Milan

I spent last weekend at Coachella shooting with Happily Grey, and it reminded me of our fun trip to Milan in January! We spent a week exploring all of the little alleys and spots around the city. I loved being able to capture the city combined with portraits of the lovely Mary!

Look below for a little peek into the beauty and romance that is Italy! 


My Sweat Life | Fitness Shoot

Hi guys!!

Here are a few snippets from two shoots with My Sweat Life! Kelsey is so cute and I loved being able to take fitness photos with her! It's always fun to be able to have different kinds of shoots to mix things up.

Also, we've decided to add one more retreat for the year! Comment here on Instagram to get information on it: Don't forget to follow our new Instagram account @fortheloveworkshops to stay up to date on the workshops! Hope to see some of you at our upcoming retreats!!!

P.S. you can read a little bit about the retreat experience here. 

xoxo Emmy


New York Fashion Week 2016

Hiii guys!! 

So happy to be back home! It's been an amazing few weeks of travel, but nothing beats being home with husband and baby Jack. (our cute pup)

I thought I would do a few recaps of the different trips I've been on. Today's post is a mix of the different work that I did while at NYFW! I spent seven days freeeeezing with Happily Grey and Mint Arrow, but it was totally worth it! I was able to go to several cool shows and presentations. I love being able to see art showcased at fashion events! 

Keep scrolling for some gorgeous fashion inspiration, and can't wait to show you more of what the last few weeks have held!


Kristin Davis | Fashion Blog

I'm lucky to have clients who I get to shoot for regularly that are also good friends! Kristen is one of those girls. We took a day and went and shot in Big Cottonwood canyon for her blog Wild One Forever

We were lucky to have beautiful wind, which really accented Kristen's hair and makeup! I loved all of the outfits that she put together, and it was so fun to have a relaxes shoot in the pretty snow!

Hope you guys are enjoying your week!

xoxo Emmy

Tessa, Natalie & Halle | Snowy Mountain Shoot

Ok, can we all agree this snow is beautiful but just so cold? Can't wait for sunny days, but in the meantime, I'm loving this incredible backdrop that is snowy Utah mountains. 

All of my favorite girls were a part of this shoot, and I am so happy with the outcome! Tessa and Nattalie are always such a dream to photograph, but this time Nattalie brought her daughter along! Her stunning red hair and bright eyes were so beautiful against the white of the snow!

Models | Tessa Barton, Nattalie Dawn, & Nattalie's daughhter- Halle

Makeup | Jill Marie

Hair | Tatum Wetzel

Styling | Ashley Reiser