Iโ€™m up nursing and blogging. This might become a regular thing who knows! This trip was over a year ago. I was coming off of the busiest and hardest year of my life. My mom wanted to go Iceland and I really wanted to go again so we booked a trip with some of our best friends. We stayed in a camper the whole time and drove all around the country. It was amazing. No bathrooms or showers but still amazing. I miss this trip so much and canโ€™t wait til I can take one again with my mom! ย 

Side note, I actually found out I was pregnant on the flight home and miscarried about a week later and was pregnant with Rooney within a month. Kinda crazy how everything works but it just makes me laugh I found out I was pregnant on the plane! ๐Ÿ’›ย 

MARAE floral

I love love a good project! I have been feeling so burnt out and so I took a few month break on just fun shoots, and now I get to have the best time bringing back some fun ideas!

New York fashion week really inspired me to implement some type of collage. So I went and bought a lot of floral magazines and cut out all of the pieces of flowers that I could find, and then group them all onto a posterboard making a collage! We use that as our backdrop and I thought it turned out so fun and so creative, mostly for me just allowing myself to do something different! I'm so grateful for such a good friend to jump on projects like this with me! It makes it that much more fun! ย 

Florals by Rachel Osguthorupe ย 

model Marae Wright 

makeup by Jill Marie Makeup ย 

For the Love - Joshua Tree

Where do I even begin? When I started teaching For the Love, I wanted to help inspire other artists to find their voices and be them. Not try to be anything but them. We are best at being ourselves after all! 

This last retreat was something else. I was newly pregnant, scared to be vulnerable after my year, and so unsure of who I was. I watched on the Grammy's this weekend and Adele said in her acceptance speech, that she lost herself through being pregnant and becoming a mother, and as silly as it sounds, I felt like I lost a piece of myself in this short amount of time. As the retreat went on and began, it was as if, I was finding a piece of my soul that was lost as well. 

For the Love is for someone who wants to grow. Who wants to see change. Whether that be in your business practices, shooting, or editing, it's about wanting to push pass the limits that sometimes hold us down. 

I love what I do, I love what I have been able to do for over 4 years now. It brings me light, it gives me life. 

I can't wait for our April retreat and would love to have you join us. I hope you enjoy this video below made by the wonderful Copper Creative, showing what our weekends are about. If you'd like more information about joining us please email me at emmylowephoto@gmail.com 

A huge thank you to my team of amazing women who have worked alongside me since this began. Jade Larsen, who worked as my former assistant, recently left us to pursue other opportunities and I can't thank you enough for the dedication you showed me and showed our retreat, as well as letting us all photograph your beautiful face! Jess Kasteler with Blush Creative, you truly have been my rock through so much of this. Whether it was creating last minute supplies, helping me set up, or just plan, you have been such an instrumental piece of this puzzle. Jill and Tatum, the work you do is untouchable. From getting me ready, to getting our models ready, you bring the vision and beauty I have in my mind to life. I will forever brag about what amazing teammates I have to create such beautiful work. Ashley, thank you for always bringing such amazing visuals to the group. You truly have such a gift in styling and we are so glad we have such amazing pieces to photograph that are of course paired perfectly. Rachel, oh rachel. Our wonderful sunshine and rainbows. You are the light of our group and we love you. You make the most beautiful masterpieces and we could not be more impressed every single time with the beauty you bring to our group. Courtney, thank you for being my right hand this last retreat. I felt so lucky to have you and know that if I felt ill or needed a minute you'd be right there by my side. From an attendee to a best friend, I have love watching your gift grow and love of photography. Bri and Chloe, we are so happy to have you guys with us now. You both are so fun and so incredible in all you do. I feel like I always saw you working and never stopping. I can't thank you enough for capturing our retreats perfectly for the people around us to see what we do! Last but not least, thank you Ashtyn Aure. Newest to the team and yet one of the most vital pieces. You were so kind to our vendors and attendees and worked so hard to make this retreat the best experience. We love and appreciate you! 

To our vendors who sponsor For the Love. Fawn Design, Jenny, oh Jenny. You are by far one of my biggest supporters and I thank you so much for all of your help for every retreat and making our girls feel so amazing. Huge thank you to Made by Mary for helping us give our girls a keep sake they can take away and remember the growth they made with us. Thank you to Colab Printing, Sweet Caroline, Sophisticated Savagery, True North Collection, Jean and Jewel, Thread Wallets, Oquirrh Mountain, Cocos Organics, and Sseko, Bohyme Hair for your beautiful additions to our vendor bags and clothing and items we were able to photograph! We love you all and can't thank you enough! 

Models: Jade Larsen, Tatum Wetzel, Cassi Ellis and Sam Haiden, Biancca Wallace and Kory Freck

Makeup: Jill Marie Makeup

Hair: Tatum Wetzel (All Extensions provided by Bohyme Hair)

Florals: Rachel Osguthorpe 

Graphics: Blush Creative Jess Kasteler

Styling: Ashley Reiser

All images below photographed and edited by

Video: Copper Creative 

Halloween | Skeleton

Halloween is finally almost here! I am so excited to have the scariest holiday come around, and share our skeleton we did this year! We did a different take this year on our skeleton and did a bronze look for our skeleton. This is one of my favorite things to do, just being so different from our usual shoots, and helps me step out of the box a little bit! 

hope you enjoy it and happy Halloween! 

MUA: Jill Marie Makeup 

Hair: Tatum Wetzel

Extensions: Bohyme

Dress: Dress Collective

Model: Alexxis Ramos

Styling: Ashley Reiser 

Happily Grey | Milan

I spent last weekend at Coachella shooting with Happily Grey, and it reminded me of our fun trip to Milan in January! We spent a week exploring all of the little alleys and spots around the city. I loved being able to capture the city combined with portraits of the lovely Mary!

Look below for a little peek into the beauty and romance that is Italy! 


Tessa Barton | Salt Lake Fashion

This was a fun little collab with creative lady, Tessa Barton. I love shooting with her, she has  such a fun, wild-child side that photographs like a dream. For this shoot, she brought along her husband (yeah, they're a real life couple) for a few of the photos. 

We explored around Salt Lake City for a couple of perfect spots that complimented the outfits that she styled for the shoot. 

Don't forget that I have a a couple of spots left for my retreat next August! More info here: http://www.emmylowephoto.com/for-the-love-spring-retreat/

Hello Fashion | Holiday Dress

It's no secret than Christine of Hello Fashion is one of my favorite people. She's elegant, she's classy, and always has the best style tips. Like how to look absolutely amazing for holiday parties...here.  I love how she paired a simple red dress with her clutch for this look! We decided to shoot at the capitol to add to that elegant feel. 

P.S. Spending the day in California today shooting! Can't wait to show you guys what I'm working on. If you want to see a day in the life of crazy-fun-Emmy shooting, follow along on snapchat at @emlowe09. (ugh, I know, I can't figure out how to change my snapchat name..Oh well.)

Edward Scissorhands | Halloween Shoot

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. -Edward Scissorhands

We have been sooo excited for this one! Our sweet Haley made the perfect Edward (in the best way!)  I can't thank this amazing team enough for consistently blowing my mind with the styling that they've brought to life. Keep scrolling to see some suburban, lonely Edward magic.

Hair | Tatum Wetzel @tatumraewetzel

MUA | Jill Marie MUA @jillmariemua

Styling | Ashley Mann @ashleylaurenreiser

Model | Haley Nord @haleynord